Learn about the results of your
ad campaign before you run it

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Predict your ad’s KPIs


your next campaign’s impact versus
the budget or buying volumes.


your creative materials to maximize
their ROI.


in traditional media-metrics: AdRecall,
Top of Mind, Brand Shift, etc.


how your ads affect business KPIs:
Incremental Sales, New Clients,
Market Share, and more.

We use neural networks trained on emotional reactions of the target audience,
coupled with the content of the advertising and historical data to predict
your ads’ KPIs.

Refine your creatives
with data-driven insights


what parts of your video ad
contribute the most to the results


the ads to find out why some of them
are more successful than the others.


precise analytics on the target
audience emotional and physiological
reactions to your ads.

First, we split your ad into constituents. Then, we compare the viewer’s reaction to these partials against
the reactions to the same partials of the top performing ads. This way, we indicate what elements of the
video are driving desired metrics in any direction and help improve the creative material.

Online. Fast.
No focus-groups.


are conducted in a respondent
-friendly environment. A webcam is
the only requirement to start.

The speed

of the online testing is much higher
than the speed of a traditional focus
group research.

The segmentation

of respondents lets you benefit of an
unlimited number of respondents and
of any region of your choice.

To run a test we need only a video of the respondents which is recorded automatically
while they watch you ad.

Data-driven online survey is a great alternative to the traditional research methods
that gives you a dramatic boost in your decision-making pipeline.

A new way to plan media
with the data-driven
approach on a campaign

Let go

of Marketing Mix Modelling and other traditional
methods of planning.


an efficiency curve that predicts changes in your KPIs
against the budget or buying volumes, for each
campaign channel.


your campaign budget in accordance with the
efficiency curve to reach the desired results with the
minimal investments.


Existing planning instruments often rely on a high-level
per-channel planning. This approach is based on rough
estimates and results in a big error margins in the


AdPower offers a granular methodology to assess the
efficiency of the whole media-buying plan. The prediction
is build on the cumulative results of all the campaigns
forecasts and is presented in metrics that you plan in.

Based on scientific

Neurodata Lab is one of the leaders
in the field of computer vision and
video-based emotion recognition and
physiological signal processing.

4 years

of R&D in computer vision
and machine learning

> 65 000

annotators from all over the globe


proprietary datasets

> 1 M

annotated emotional expressions


of international competitions

The algorithm

1Set up

the forecast by your target audience, channels and metrics


your creatives with the online panel of your preference

3Get a report

with an interactive forecast which is available in your corporate account

Your metrics might be here:

  • AdRecall
  • Product Preference
  • Key Message
  • Purchase Intent
  • Top of Mind Awarness
  • Rational
  • Brand Preference
  • Ad Involvement
  • Emotional
  • Ad Attraction

The way emotions
turn to metrics

7 basic emotions

Engagement level

Heart rate

Eye tracking

Respiratory rate

Body pose

Objects, colors and
dynamics of the ads

Emotions and behaviour
of the actors

Data Science

This data is interpreted with the machine learning algorithms against historically successful or failed ads.

Media metrics prediction

Insights into the creative content

Media-mix planning

On the horizon

More than just the video ads

AdPower can be used to test other types
of creatives like storyboards to evaluate how
much a creative influences the final media-
or business-related KPI.

On the horizon

Target Audience Twin
(Virtual Target Audience)

What if panels would be unnecessary, and
forecasts for your ads would be analyzed in
real-time? Despite sounding like science fiction,
today’s neural networks are ready to imitate respondents’ reactions. This lets you decrease
the price of research significantly and reach
new production speed. On top of that, it allows
you to render results in real time for DCO

On the horizon


The knowledge about how a certain type of a
customer reacts to certain type of a creative
opens up a lot of new game-changing
opportunities. Like one for the DCO: feeding an
instant measurement of a creative’s emotional
efficiency to the DCO engines.

On the horizon

AI-Driven DCO

Analyzing a creative’s efficiency with AI is great,
but why stop halfway? Neural networks can
create new things. Throw in some synthesis,
and then a creative would be able to modify
itself to maximize its own efficiency.


The service uses a subscription model. The price is based on:

  • — Setup fee for training models to a particular market segment and metrics;
  • — Monthly fee for a certain test volume;
  • — Number of respondents that are participating in the tests.

5 videos / 50 banners
per month

$ 849/ video


10 videos / 100 banners
per month

$ 699/ video


20 videos / 200 banners
per month

$ 449/ video


Depending on the test volumes, you can choose the best payment option.

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